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The soul can split the sky in two and let the face of Gods' shine through.

If you guys have noticed, i have been active on beta, alpha and more recently back on eta, theta and zeta. A New Community is being built for Alliances that share the members of my alliances. Currently ONLY the ZETA alliance will be in this alliance, however an extention on beta, and alpha are in the works. from that we should beable to gain some experience and active userbase in which we will be able to expand to theta, eta, and other notable servers. ALL former POG alliances are welcome to Join the New Community.

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    Basic Commands

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    Basic Commands

    Post by Fact on Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:42 am


    /nick NewNick ~ changes your nickname to NewNick
    /whois Nick ~ shows you detailed information about Nick
    /uwho Nick ~ shows you detailed information about Nick in a comfortable dialog
    /join #channel ~ to enter a channel
    /join #channel password ~ to enter a password protcted channel
    /part ~ leave the active channel
    /part #channel REASON ~ leave #channel with a reason
    /quit ~ disconnects you form the server
    /quit [REASON] ~ disconnects you from the server with a reason (which is shown in the channel)
    /server hostname ~ connects you the given IRCServer (=hostname)
    /server -m hostname:port password ~ connects you to a 2nd irc server by opening another status window (port and password are optional)
    /invite NICK #channel ~ invites NICK to #channel where you must have op
    /kick #channel NICK REASON ~ kicks NICK from #channel with REASON


    /authserv register account passwort email
    ~ to register yourself (How to register...)
    /authserv auth account passwort ~ to login in your account
    /authserv resetpass ACCOUNT NEW_PW ~ If you set an email on your account you can change your password by entering this command (you must NOT be authed)
    /authserv pass OLD_PW NEW_PW ~ changes your password to NEW_PW (you must be authed)


    !help commands ~ shows you a list of all commands
    !help ~ shows you a help menu

    !COMMAND ~ gives the ChanServ a command in the channel you type it
    /cs #channel COMMAND ~ gives ChanServ a COMMAND to execute in #channel
    !adduser NICK ACCESSLEVEL ~ adds NICK (must eb authed) to your channel userlist with ACCESSLEVEL
    !deluser NICK ~ deletes NICKs (must be authed) access
    !clvl NICK NEWACCESSLEVEL ~ changes NICKs (must be authed) accesslevel to NEWACCESSLEVEL
    !voice NICK ~ give NICK voice (+)
    !op NICK ~ give NICK op (@)
    !devoice NICK ~ devoices NICK
    !deop NICK ~ deops NICK
    !resync ~ synchronizes users in the channel with the userlist
    !suspend NICK ~ disables the access of NICK (must be authed) but doesn't delete his access
    !unsuspend <nick> ~ enables NICKs (must be authed) accss again
    !myaccess ~ shows you a list of all channels where you have access including how much access you have and what setinfo you have there
    !k NICK REASON ~ kicks NICK with REASON
    !b NICK REASON ~ bans NICK with REASON
    !kb NICK REASON ~ kicks and bans NICK with REASON
    !unregister ~ unregisters your channel (you have to be the owner)
    !delme ~ deletes your access
    !topic THIS IS A TOPIC ~ sets the topic to 'THIS IS A TOPIC'
    !topic * ~ sets an empty topic
    !set greeting TEXT ~ sets a greeting which ChanServ notices to every user who joins the channel
    !set usergreeting TEXT ~ sets a usergreeting (only user with access in the channel will receive this message from ChanServ)
    !set greeting * ~ deletes the greeting
    !set usergreeting * ~ deletes the usergreeting
    /ChanServ OPEN <#channel> ~ Openes your channel which means that all bans matching your hostmask are removed and the channel modes are set to default (-irk).
    !setinfo [INFO] ~ sets your infoline which is shown everytime you join the channel
    !setinfo * ~ deletes your infoline

    written by RotvicX at ogame.org Smile



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