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If you guys have noticed, i have been active on beta, alpha and more recently back on eta, theta and zeta. A New Community is being built for Alliances that share the members of my alliances. Currently ONLY the ZETA alliance will be in this alliance, however an extention on beta, and alpha are in the works. from that we should beable to gain some experience and active userbase in which we will be able to expand to theta, eta, and other notable servers. ALL former POG alliances are welcome to Join the New Community.

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    Coments to Defensive Tips

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    help! War prep for eta server.

    Post by Syrcen on Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:17 pm

    I grew a little incorrectly growing my tarven for the tiny bonus rather then adding wine service for bigger % because of wine sourcing issues. Now I am in a bit of a rush to get my cities in the best possible condition. Should Itrade sulfar & crystal off for wine so I can increase amount of wine I serve during the upcoming war and up my town hall so I can afford a bigger military? Or should I be more concerned with catching my hide-out up- The hide outs aren't really all that far behind, but there is a time limit issue here. What would you advse to be my priority? More gold for a bigger militry or a more spy protection?

    My walls are already generally hgher then my townhalls so growing them as I go won't be to much of an issue if population increase is suggested. If I want to build troops prior to the start of the war, I'll meed more gold, or I'll have to cut research.

    For exampe: In Lionella (31:54), my walls are 24 the hall is 17. My tavern is level 16, but I open serve 14 wine per hour rather then 63. (I don't have enough wine onhand sometimes). My hide out is 15. Lionella has a different priority project, but

    Another question: Is it premature to cut research levels now to get above defense levels of troops or should we be more concerned with getting sulfar supplied into place and using ny excess gold to buy the sulfar and possibly trade ships for those that will build ground troops? Or should we cut research levels at all during the war? I have gunmen, but not steam giants. Steam giants are 23 days away so I doubt I can get it before the war, even if I throw glass at it. Also are we planning on a fairly long war because if so, I wuld eventually have them..?
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    Re: Coments to Defensive Tips

    Post by Bullpid on Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:02 am

    I think its ok to trade glass for wine right now but not sulfur. Depending on who we go to war with you may or may not have to worry about your upkeep. This is because of pillaging, you can earn all the gold that you are lossing back through pillaging. No i would not cut back your research yet. Yes I would get your hideouts up Asap.


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    Re: Coments to Defensive Tips

    Post by truth on Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:13 pm

    If someone has EXTRA sulfur, it should only be traded to other members of your alliance. That is always the case, war or not. Don't sell unless all your cities are near max and all your units for war have already been built. Sulfur is very hard to get during a war. It becomes very expensive. With all that being said, I need sulfur if anyone has any to spare.
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    Girls Only

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    Re: Coments to Defensive Tips

    Post by Poison on Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:20 pm

    Sulfur is expensive by you? It's really cheap by me. usually sells for under 25 gold.

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    Re: Coments to Defensive Tips

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